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Discover Life in Tacoma

At Discover Life Chiropractic in Tacoma, we want you to realize optimum health. We offer chiropractic treatments, therapy, and lifestyle advice to help you achieve a movement-filled life. The chiropractic philosophy embraces holistic health. Our chiropractors and staff strive to help you prevent future illness and additional injury. 

Conditions We Treat Using Holistic Chiropractic Methods

Don't let pain stop you from participating in enjoyable activities. If you suffer from pain or dysfunction, we want to help you. We help people of all ages with the following:

  • arthritis 
  • carpal tunnel
  • elbow pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • headaches
  • herniated discs 
  • joint pain
  • knee pain
  • low back pain
  • migraines 
  • neck pain
  • nerve pain
  • pinched nerve
  • plantar fasciitis
  • osteoporosis
  • sciatica
  • scoliosis
  • shin splints
  • shoulder pain
  • stress headaches
  • temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders
  • whiplash

We also provide pediatric chiropractic services. Treatment is available for ear infections, colic, bedwetting, and the stress caused by ADHD. Bring your baby or child in to meet with our Tacoma area chiropractor. Pediatric alignments differ from adult alignments and are very gentle. 

Let Our Chiropractor Help You Manage Your Pain

Pain management is a crucial part of living with many of the conditions mentioned above. Our chiropractor will work with you to find the best treatment or combination of treatments to improve your spinal alignment and manage your pain. Browse our website for more information about the types of treatment we offer. Visit our What To Expect web page to learn more about your first appointment with our chiropractor.

If you have undiagnosed pain, would like to minimize the effects of future injuries, or are passionate about achieving optimal health, contact Discover Life Chiropractic. Whether you are a truck/delivery driver, athlete, or homemaker, our holistic approach and lifestyle advice will help you or your family member reduce your pain, lessen injury impact, and discover life full of movement.

Choose to Be Healthy in Tacoma. Contact Discover Life Chiropractic Now.

Make a positive choice to be the healthiest you can be by vising us today. We offer lifestyle advice, pain management, and many types of chiropractic treatment. Call us at 235-472-4400 to learn more and schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Tacoma. Choose to be healthy, choose our chiropractor at Discover Life Chiropractic.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I have been going to Discover Life Chiropractic for 5 years. I am an athlete who went in with low back pain and some knee issues. It did take time but to this day I do not have low back pain or knee pain as long as I am staying healthy with periodic adjustments. Dr. Dave knows his stuff and is attentive to concerns (if you are feeling something make sure you tell him). I feel so aligned and feel like I am functioning at a high level each day. If I can, I like to use Dr. Daves partnering doctor for extremity adjustments (feet, arms, legs) he is exceptional especially with those! Like with anything you have to be consistent, can't just go 3 times and expect to be healed. Hope this was helpful! Best, Alex

    Alexandria B

    So... I have had back pain all my life and neck pain from a car accident causing severe and frequent migraines. Other chiropractors just did a "quick fix" that lasted a couple days at most. This chiropractor, David, has practically eliminated my neck pain and migraines and my back pain had decreased tons. Now usually when I have pain it is because I have bad posture or I need to stretch or build up muscle to keep my spine in place. I understand he can only do so much but to be pain free you have to put in work also. WITH ALL THAT SAID, the pain has gone down from constant to occasional and from severe pain to mostly mild and we are still working on it. Would recommend the chiropractic service there to anyone.

    Ken R

    I have experienced fairly sever neck pain for the last few years. Have been to my doctor, had ultrasounds etc. Nothing was working. I started going to David at Discover life a few months ago as a last resort to deal with the pain and the difference is amazing even with just this short amount of time. He explains everything very clearly and even has me doing stretching and work while at home. His staff is great and always friendly when I come in. I would highly recommend Discover Life Chiropractic.

    Jennifer D